Our New Alexa Built-In Helmets

December 31, 2019 (Last Edit: December 31, 2019)


Behold the world s first Alexa built-in smart commuter helmets.

The TYR Plus & SK8 Plus are your digital butler and bodyguard, carrying out your voice commands while protecting your noggin in style. Safe-Tec, the makers of the Thor, Tyr and Odin smart helmets, added these new Alexa powered helmets to their exciting lineup.

The TYR Plus and SK8 Plus adds Amazon Alexa voice controls to the full roster of features in the already these amazing helmets.

The TYR Plus & SK8 Plus are the world's first smart helmet with Amazon certified Alexa voice controls. The TYR Plus and SK8 Plus chin strap has integrated controls and dual microphones.

  • control speaker volume
  • create a reminder/todo
  • listen to and send text messages
  • check the weather
  • get GPS directions to any location
  • find a point of interest (e.g. restaurant or shop)
  • ask common questions
  • play music from your playlist
  • adjust lights or thermostat at home
  • get news headlines
  • check your calendar
  • check movies in theaters
  • check sports
SAFE-TEC Amazon Alexa Commands