6 Ways Safe-Tec Is Helping War Veterans

November 5, 2018 (Last Edit: December 6, 2018)


I think we can all agree that the people who sacrificed and served our nation deserve our support, especially those who suffer from physical and mental problems. Did you know that each day, 20 veterans commit suicide? 50% of veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome do not seek help. Often, vets think there is no adequate support.

Or is there?

No Vet Alone (NVA) is a national Suicide Prevention program focusing on peer support and group physical activities enabling the COURAGE to connect, empowering resilience to restore HOPE, to give America's finest LIFE.

No Vet Alone improves the lives of our heroes. They:

  1. bring war veterans together through community activities, sports, events, concerts and family support
  2. help war veterans overcome physical and mental challenges resulting from their visible and invisible wounds
  3. improve their physical health with sports and group activities
  4. advance their mental health with programs and networks that change their life, that of their first responders and their families. (helping vets with the issues they face, such as PTSD, homelessness, drug addiction, depression, MST, isolation)
  5. bring war veterans hope and lift their spirit by engaging them in social activities and offering help and support
  6. fight and prevent isolation and loneliness


Safe-Tec Teams Up With No Vet Alone

SAFE-TEC Sponsors War Veterans Through No Vet Alone


SAFE-TEC sponsors No Vet Alone with their most advanced high tech cycling helmets on the market today, the Tyr 3, for its various programs and activities to raise support and awareness for veterans in need.

"We are honored to partner with No Vet Alone in their mission to provide groundbreaking programs using our advanced Bluetooth technology smart helmets that are critical to the long-term care for those that have valiantly served our country," said Amy Hang, CEO of SAFE-TEC.

"These men and women have served the U.S. with honor and distinction. Many of them have suffered brain injuries that need the advanced technology including the MIPS system to protect them while they participate in a variety of activities that our company makes helmets for including cycling, horseback riding, river rafting, and climbing."

Veterans Day 2018


On Veterans Day 2018, commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I, No Vet Alone invited Americans and communities across the country to take part in local activities, concerts and sporting events to honor and support our Nation's heroes who have served and sacrificed.

"On this 100th anniversary of Veterans Day, and after the centuries of selfless dedication to our country, I can think of no better way to honor the men and women who have worn, and continue to wear, America's uniform," commented John Wordin, President and Founder, No Vet Alone.

"Dedicating a weekend to them and their families while building a critical peer-to-peer network seems like the very least we can do for them. Such an important event would not be possible without the support and generosity of companies like Safe-Tec," continued Wordin. "The smart technology will enable our participants to do many functions including a walkie talkie feature being developed to allow riders to communicate with each other while in the group without riding right next to them."

No Vet Alone marked this year's Veterans Day with four-days of celebrations in Phoenix, from November 8 – 11, 2018.

About No Vet Alone

SAFE-TEC Is Helping Our War Veterans By Sponsoring No Vet Alone


No Vet Alone is a national peer support network to empower resilience for America's Finest. This network helps create communities that provide resources and tools to help our nation's heroes improve their lives.

Veterans are encouraged to GET CONNECTED and GET INVOLVED. Each community event fosters an environment to re-establish camaraderie and that camaraderie saves lives.

No Vet Alone will focus on how to improve resilience through group activity, community service, and family support. No Vet Alone's nation-wide network of community programs expand through the No Vet Alone – Connecting Outpost.

The Connecting Outpost changes the lives of veterans, first responders and their families by improving the issues they face: PTSD, mental health, physical wellness, homelessness, drug addiction, depression, and isolation related issues that directly affect their wellbeing.

Learn more at No Vet Alone.